HP’s Got an Emminence Front against the “Paperless Society”

Someone’s printer division is getting a little testy, apparently, since they decided to post up this study showing how printing (and I’ll presume printers, thanks Engadget) is still needed out there.  Anyone out there think this has echoes of Edison doing electrocutions of animals using Tesla’s AC?  Like it’s intended to shock the public to alter it’s opinions when this is going against the popular tide?  Oh well, at least we got the chair over that stunt!

I got to using I read this article regarding paperless offices.  It referenced a 1975 article which first mentioned the “paperless office” (yeah, true, check Wikipedia) and the acknowledgement that achievement of this goal is still a long ways away.  But we stubbornly refuse that it’ll never happen.  Economics aside, most of the data we work with on a daily basis, it no longer needs to be printed, provided you’re willing to mount projectors everywhere.  Oh, and Kinect sensors, I suppose.  You know, this thing.

All kidding aside, I think as computing becomes more portable, this will be easier to accomplish, but never absolute.  What’s that line I kept hearing Gingrich shout, something about “managing the decay” (well, for as long as he had a microphone).  Xerox is doing something about moving away from this dependency.  They’re looking to innovate, to evolve past the need for printing and printing alone.

At one point, HP seemed to be looking into doing the same (note, I’m blogging on an HP, because they built a machine that Apple seemingly wouldn’t), but then backed away from taking this risky move.  Perhaps the uncertainty was too much for the shareholders, board, or whoever.  I don’t know.  But is publishing a study extolling the virtues of more paper really worthy of this company?  I had thought they made their bones in printing (and so might you, based on this article).  I read Jobs biography and found that they had a grand history that preceded this technology.  Evolution is in its blood.

Can you imagine if they had actually tried in this test to make paperless work?  How shocking!  How audacious!  Especially if it could have worked.  That’s something I would have been more proud to hear from them.



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